NMHF Tracklist posted on amazon

1. Don’t Runaway
2. Everything and More
3. Forevermore
4. Heart Falls Out
5. I’ll Never Let Go
6. Love Don’t Hate
7. Nothing Else Better To Do
8. Notice Me
9. Tell Me
10. Wait

i am quite sad, no, really disappointed because almost all of the songs are included from his previous albums. UGH WHY. I HOPE THIS IS NOT FINAL.

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    If this is final then the only reason why I am buying the album is because of MATT CLAYTON’S PICTURES because omggg...
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    Oh, god why? just two song? :(
  3. roomwithsomelaceandpaperflowers said: on that note, i was hoping for DIFFERNT unreleased tracks, like just random stuff from the first two albums that were never released or heard about in the first place…
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  6. cutiejae said: yeah I’m disappointed.
  7. somethingboutlove said: Srly? I thought we would get new songs,ugh Thinking about it he haven’t had time to record,maybe that’s why but I ‘m still disappointed.
  8. palrice8 said: I’m pretty sure I’ll Never Let Go is just a typo for ING lol
  9. ippykrispy said: wait whyyyyyy :(
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